Freelance Automation & MES Consultant



My ambition is to provide the best possible solutions to complex as well as simple problems and to deliver on time and within cost.



I Offer:


  • Independent consultancy, guidance, design and implementation within Industrial Automation and Information Management.
  • Dedicated and open-minded cooperation, where sharing of experience, expertise and ideas are in focus.
  • Positive and helpful attitude with a good sense of humor and frequent use of irony.


I Have:


  • A M.Sc. from Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
  • More than 26 years of experience, from ABB, where I have worked as Software Developer and Project Engineer. Often as Lead Engineer.
  • Expert knowledge within a wide range of ABB System 800xA functionalities. (See ABB 800xA Expertice)
  • Experience in all upper levels of Industrial Automation: SCADA, DCS, MES, Batch, HMI, Communication interfaces, Data logging, Data consolidation, Database Design, Application Development.
  • Specialized in providing customized solutions, to improve performance for operators, engineers and management.
    • Solutions including specification, design and implementation of advanced functions, system extensions, powerful engineering tools, interfaces to 3.rd party systems and efficient graphic user interfaces.
  • Experience in back office support and guidance
  • Experience in teaching in internal as well as external courses and workshops.



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